Step 1)

In your HubSpot account, Go to Marketing > Files and Templates > Design Tools

Step 2)

Find the stylesheet applied to your blog template in your folders and open it. It should be under Coded Files folder (e.g. Awwal_Blog_Listing.css)

Step 3)

At the top of the stylesheet, we've added several variables to make your make your life little bit easier. Once you change the color code here, It will be updated all over the template.

Let's break down which variables do what...

  • baseColor: This variable is for the main brand color (Buttons color, Topics color, Links color)
  • accentColor1: This variable affects the color you see when you hover over Filled buttons and Topics.
  • accentColor2 and accentColor3 are for borders, underlines etc. We recommend that you don't change anything here.

Step 4)

Publish changes and you're done.