NOTE: We've added more features to the Hero slider, updated article with more info can be found here - How to use the blog slider 

The Featured article module is designed in a way that makes it truly flexible. Users can choose any article and can add Images, Title, and Button of your choice. Don't just use this module to feature articles. This multipurpose slider can be used to promote your other awesome contents like Helpful resources, White papers, Tools. All you have to do is add a new slide, write a catchy title and add a button to link to that page. You can even add as many slides you like!

Keep in mind to upload images in 1400x720 resolution for the best results.

Let's see how you can add a new slide.

Step 1)

Go to Marketing > Files & Templates and open Design Tools.

Step 2)

In the left sidebar search the name of the template and open it.

Step 3)

In the template, Find the Featured Slider group and select the Image slider module.

Step 4)

On the right side panel, Scroll down till you see the Slide section. Click the pencil icon to edit any slide or click + Add to add a new slide. For now, let's add a slide.


Step 5)

After adding a new slide, you'll notice that a slide with dummy content has added.

Step 6)

Scroll down below and click on the slider details box to change the image and text.

Step 7)

Hover over the last slide and click edit.

Step 8)

Here you can replace the image, add Alt text and add the slide content.

Note: Don't change the Width or Height of the Image. Keep it 1400x720 for the best results.

Step 6)

Click Publish changes and You're done!