Basic things you need to take care of in your template, think of this as kind of a checklist.

1. Clone the template

Before you make any changes to the templates, first make sure to clone everything to keep the original files intact.

  1. Go to Marketing > Files and Templates > Design Tools.
  2. In the left sidebar search the name of the template you've purchased to find it easily.
  3. Clone the template by right-clicking and clicking "Clone template"
  4. Next, find the style-sheet and clone it too. 
  5. Please make sure to rename both of these files so it's easier to find them later.

2. Enable the jQuery in your portal

  1. Go to Settings > Website > Pages. Scroll down until you see the jQuery section. Make sure that the "Include jQuery" option is checked. If not then check it and under the JQuery version select 1.11.x. and hit save.
  2. Below that uncheck "Load HubSpot's included jQuery from you footer" option.
  3. Save 

3. Make sure that the stylesheets are attached with the template

Usually when you purchase the template, the stylesheets are already attached by default but in some cases they aren't attached so just make sure that everything is good.

  1. Open HubSpot and go to Marketing > Files & Template > Design Tools
  2. Open the template you've purchased — for example "Awwal - Modern Blog Listing Template" (Just search the name on the left sidebar)
  3. Now on the right panel, under Head and body option section, you should see the linked stylesheets. If styles are attached there like in the screenshot below ignore the next steps. If styles aren't there follow the next steps.
  4. Click Add
  5. Search for the stylesheet and select it (Stylesheet name will be same as your template example "Awwal_Modern_Blog_Listing_Template.css" or awwal)
  6. Now search carousal.css and select it (If your blog template doesn't have a carousel slider ignore this)
  7. Click the publish changes button

4. Email subscription module

  1. Open HubSpot and go to Marketing > Files & Template > Design Tools and open your template
  2. Find the "Blog Email Subscription" module and select it (See the screenshot below)

3. Scroll down on the right panel and select your blog there. Whatever blog you select here, user will be subscribed to that blog when they submit their info.

4. Click the Publish changes button.

5. Email subscription setup

If you're planning on sending out a notification to sFollow this article and setup your blog subscriptions  -

6. Creating and adding navigation menu to your blog

To create navigation menu in HubSpot, follow this guide  -

To add navigation menu to your blog, follow this guide -

7. Setup blog slider

If your template has a blog slider at the top make sure to update the information in it. Follow this guide  -

8. Add author information

The template has "author modules" which automatically fetched the the information from the Marketing > Blog > Author If you're planning on displaying information about the authors, make sure to update the author info.

  • Add author picture (avatar)
  • Add author name
  • Add author bio
  • Add author social media links

Follow this article to see step by step instructions -